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December 2007

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so far...

i'm finally packing for my china trip. anyone want's anything? jen, i'll try super hard to get to a supermarket or some kinda store for your noodles! and yes, to the thousands of people who wants my mao zedong's or other designs cigarette box, (on the left side of the picture, among the other rubbish i always carry in any bags):

shopping with leslie (ck) on one of the saturdays was interesting. he's one of the rarest guys who'd pay attention to the apparell's details and whether the design & cutting matches my new hair. it was good to have him for shopping. even more so when he willingly carries all my bought items. when's the next time huh?

after our 7 hr shopping, we met kelvin (gx) and finally had a drink at the outdoor indochine. he was insanely snapping away with his new cam (have yet to get from leslie the entire outing's photos):

kelvin ah-pek

on another day, i was the little miss taitai. i had high tea with mumsy at goodwood park. everything was perfect! we then went for coach's grand opening. almost bought a bag but thought the shape was like that of my lacoste. anyhow, i'll be back for another one i was eyeing with aunty may sze's 20%.

oh n i found this cute picture of the unkempt yogi piggy-backing his friend!




Hi Jolyn,kok how here.. heee=)i like DOGGY,can gif it 2 mi? Lolx
enjoy urself in china...gif mi a BIG pressie fr there..will ya? haha =p

Re: Ur DOGGY is CUTE!!

u give me a car and i'll give you yogi. haha...


sooo envious...

wow so great, gg china... rem to cheong every corner of the streets ya.. of coz those dark lanes dun go la.. exercise ur wisdom... geez... okiez, i shall tink hard hard tis few days of wat u can help me get... hehehee... wish i could go too!!! - u've 326days left to saving for my day

Re: sooo envious...

and you're so nice to help me keep count hor... haha... eh since we're so free... let's go shop for some bridal stuff!



bully man u. no more next time. haha

have fun in china and take care. see ya back soon.

=) chengkai

Re: bully...

i'm no where near a bully... n i'm sure u're dying to have another outing with me, king of denial.

i'm so scared of the toilet conditions in china. can't believe i signed myself up for it... u know how particular i am about toilets. eeekk!